Challenge Europe is an academic network initiative which aims at building bridges and promoting the knowledge transfer, experience and ideas between young scholars and experienced practitioners. Through summer academies, debates and workshops we aim at analyzing the political, economical and cultural patterns of the regions and the role international actors play in shaping the democratization and stability process in Southeastern Europe and Black Sea Region. Our research focuses on:

  • External democracy promotion in Central and Southeast Europe, Balkans and Turkey
  • Good Governance key dimensions: Rule of law, judicial reforms, institutional accountability, integrity, transparency, effectiveness of anti-corruption strategies and mechanisms
  • Challenges for external democracy promoters in fragile states and post-authoritarian regimes
  • Regional Cooperation

Challenge Europe is governed by the respect for diversity. In this diversity we see the tremendous potential that still remains to be explored in the young leaders of tomorrow such as researchers, professionals and practitioners from the fields of politics, law and economics. Join us in developing a powerful political tool, which can overcome from the bottom-up the barriers of gender, religion or nationality within and outside the borders of the European Union.

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