Cristian Ghinea, Director, Romanian Center for European Policies

As a practioner in this field I am always interested in the academic perspectives and in the way our fights, anaylsis and dramas are seen from a macro level, the people who work in the field of anti-corruption policies. Coming from Romania, a country, which registered important progress in the last ten years, but unpredictable consequences as well (see the recent political crisis), I am often thinking, how can the experience from Romania be counterparted in other countries from the area, member states or candidate countries for the EU membership. This is the job of the academicians to fiind replicable patterns and comparative explanations. The evolutions in Romania depended on exceptional circumstances and unique personalities (such as former Justice and Home Affairs Minister, Monica Macovei present at this summer school too) , so that it is sometimes difficult to pass this example from a field to another-from a practical field to an academic one. I think, that we succeeded in doing this, together with the participants at the summer school. I believe, we learned from each other.

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