Jelica Minic, Deputy Secretary General, Head of Expert Pool, Regional Cooperation Council

The topics analyzed within the 3. Summer Academy framework – institutional changes, judicial reform and fighting corruption – are very relevant for the quality and speed of the accession process in the Western Balkans. Moreover, they stand at the top at the accession negotiations for candidate and potential candidate countries. The network of excellent young experts from the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe and Turkey could directly contribute to the enrichment of the process, raising awareness and making the changes substantial. Comparative dimension is very instructive for newcomers in the process and could shorten the path in developing the pattern of reforms and appropriate policies. “Absorption” dimension of reforms is very specific for each society, but wider mapping of developments in new EU members, the Western Balkans and Turkey could help a lot in monitoring and evaluating changes in the JHA sector. RCC welcomes the efforts of organizers of the Summer Academy Freiburg and hopes to continue cooperation with this very representative academic network in implementing the RCC Strategy and Action Plan in the JHA area, as well as related Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanism.

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