Monica Macovei, European Union Parliament, MEP/ Minister of Justice Romania (2004-2007)

I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers for having invited me to the Freiburg Summer Academy. I enjoyed sharing my expericences as an expert, practitioner, and politician in the field of anti-corruption and the rule of law with these bright students. I was particularly impressed by the very good organization of the event, the friendly atmosphere, and the stimulating discussions. The Academy is a unique event, which brings together young scholars, established academics and experts in a policy field that derserves far more attention than it has received so far. Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans, and Turkey are a rich source of information on how EU conditionality works and a toolkit of best practices for fighting corruption. Such exchanges in academic venues are essential for the dissemination of innovative ideas in sensitive areas like judicial reform. In order to win the fight against corruption we need to get our message across to a variety of audiences. Academics and policy experts must therefore work together! I strongly endorse this conference and hope that it will continue to grow in the future. This and other topics must be debated by young scholars as we live in a world that is changing rapidly.

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